Process of Tie making

I am pleased to present our company, KAWAEI, to you.
The Gun-nai district lies in the northern foothills of Mount Fuji, whose tall divine peaks is found in the central region of Japan.
The Gun-nai district is rich in natural resources, specifically pure water and natural beauty,and known for its sericulture and traditional textile industry.
KAWAEI, was born in this Gun-nai district as a sericulturist and weaver, and for 95 years we have been dedicated to weaving fine pieces of textile, such as linings, umbrellas,and scarves.
In 1965 we started to weave textile for ties which is now our principal product. It has been our pride and honor to be successfully supplying major apparel brands and select shops with top quality ties.
I believe that the key to our success is our sincere desire to deliver the best quality goods to the customer.
In order to carry out such desire and produce the best textile, we have developed and implemented the following approaches:

In addition, we maintanin a design archive that features not only our own design samples of more than 40 years, but also traditional European design samples.
This archive helps us to create new designs and values.
Based on the heritage of the Gun-nai textile tradition, we endeavor to create a charming future through textiles. I am confident that, if we are given the opportunity to serve you, we will offer you products that will satisfy you.

President Masahiro Kawamura