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1, What is “Personal Information”.
   Personal information is defined as being any information(numbers, pictures, or sound) concerning an individual,
   that is or can be about or related to an identifiable individual, such as names, date of birth, address, career,
   phone number or email address.

 2, Purpose of requiring personal information and personal date which we hold
   We only require the information that enables us to communicate with you.
   Here are the 3 purposes that we need your personal information for:
    - to contact our customers for the inquiries
    - to improve our service
    - to provide information on special service and new product/plan.

 3, Use of personal information
   We at Kawaei seeks to make every effort to appropriately handle and protect personal information on our customers saved on our database, complying with all applicable laws and
   regulations concerning the protection of personal information. We will not disclose or provide personal information on our customers to any third parties without your consent.
   In case we work with third parties for the smoother service, we select the companies with sufficient privacy policy that meets our criteria, and
   we promise to have a privacy protection contract with them.

 4, Disclosure of personal information
   We disclose personal information immediately when requested from the customer.
   However, we will disclose personal information to the third parties in the following cases:
    - When disclosure is required by legal institutes, government or regulations
    - When disclosure is necessary to protect laws, our own rights, assets, and service

5, Collecting personal information using Internet technology
In order to get data on how many people access to our web site, we monitor access log with Cookie when you visit our web site. We might use other internet technology in the future.
If your PC is set to reject Cookie, the use of our web site can be restricted.

6, Deleting personal information
We will delete personal information immediately when requested from the customer.
As soon as your personal information is deleted from our data base, we will let you know.

7, Revision of Privacy Policy
When Japanese laws or regulations regarding personal information protection are revised,
we revise our privacy policy immediately. Also, when we change our privacy policy,
we will then announce it on our web site.

Personal information Protection Manager
Takeshi Kawamura

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